Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

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The popularity of WordPress, not just as a blogging platform but more of a Content Management System is steadily increasing among novice and seasoned website developers. WordPress, or simply WP is an open source software / application. One good thing about being an open source product is that once a vulnerability (security hole or issue) is found, a remedy will be ready in a day or two (most of the time, it is less than 24 hours). The challenge now is for the website owners to update their WP installations with the current one.

As of this writing, the official current version of WordPress is 2.7 (downloadable via We had already received a couple of emails requesting for technical assistance, as their WordPress-based websites (or blogs) were apparently “hacked”. Investigations revealed that the “hacking” incident is due to the fact the their WordPress site is not yet “patched” or not yet upgraded to the latest version.

A quick upgrade to the latest WP version will prevent “hackers” (though I personally would prefer to call them as “crackers”) from defacing your website, based on a existing security issue found on the older versions of the software or application.

We at is committed to provide the safest yet affordable website hosting service in the Philippines. Thus, you can be assured that our servers are patched as soon as updates are available. However, the updating of our client’s individual websites are not covered by our Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Unscheduled Down Time

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Later this afternoon, we made an unscheduled reboot of our server with IP address The server restart was necessary to make the newly installed patch files working correctly. However, after the successful server reboot, a system file that defines the “index.html” and/or “index.php” as the default files for each of the user accounts was named incorrectly, resulting to multiply Error 404’s (File Not Found). The server was back online after 3 hours and 42 minutes.

If your domain is hosted using the IP address, and you still cannot access to your website now, please feel free to email us via so that we can diagnose and act on it the soonest possible time. Thank you! Still Ranks Among Philippines Top 15

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Recent reports received from various website host ranking websites revealed that TurfSite Computing, Inc. ( still ranks among the TOP 15 best website hosting companies in the Philippines today. Thank you very much for your unending support! Reaches 100,000th Mark!

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TurfSite Manila ( had just reached the 100,000th homepage hit mark (since 2003). Thank you very much for all those who visited my site and for your continued support.

To celebrate this momentous event, TurfSite Computing, Inc. ( is giving-away Php100 discount coupons for orders done today up until 21 June 2008. Just use the coupon code BOBREYES100 when signing-up for a website hosting product. Affiliates Launched!

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We’re very happy to announce the launch of our Affiliate System. You can now refer your friends and family to host their websites and purchase their domains through TurfSite Computing, Inc. ( and earn 5% of their total payment as commission.

It’s very easy, simply sign-up at and you shall be given your own Affiliate ID Code, which you can post on your website, blog, or send out through email. Once your friend or family member clicks on your link, a cookie will be saved on his/her computer. The cookie is valid up to 90 days from the date of first visit. Once your friend or family member orders through our website, using the same computer he/she when she first visited our site using your Affiliate ID, 5% of the total sales amount will be credited to you upon payment of their orders.

That simple. For inquiries, please email us via Thank you!

Late Fees Implementation

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Effective 15 May 2008, we shall be implementing a fixed Php150 (per invoice) Late Fee for invoices that remain unpaid six (06) days after its due date. This scheme is being done to compensate rising operational costs and interests accrued from unpaid client invoices.

Using Smart Bro? Use OpenDNS

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Ever experienced going to a website and your browser will display: Page cannot be displayed?

The computer unit that we share for internet surfing at home uses Smart Broadband. It is not once that I have to call their Customer Service Hotline just to ask them to refresh their DNS Servers, because we are trying to access a website, which we firmly know that is online (because is the host) and does exist, but gets the “Page cannot be displayed” error over and over again. It only means one thing, the DNS Server of my ISP is broken.

Now, if you do not want to spend wasting your time calling your ISP just to request them to refresh their DNS servers (based on my experience, they will act on it after 48 hours), you may want to use OpenDNS instead? OpenDNS will let you use their DNS Servers, instead of the ones provided by your ISP. In this way, we can be assured that we are browsing the latest version of the website, and it also gives you a safeguard against phishers and scammers, as they try to block websites that fall to these categories when you surf to them. Acquires

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TurfSite Computing, Inc. recently acquired local Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider, adding a number of servers at our disposition. In the coming days, some of our current clients’ domains will be moved to a much faster cPanel server that has full support of Ruby on Rails. Please do watchout for this development.

cPanel File Manager vs. Legacy File Manager

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Prior to cPanel X (version 10), the File Manager works without any glitch. With the release of the new version, that is cPanel X, they added AJAX to enrich the interface of File Manager.

With some users complaining of several glitches in the “new” File Manager (FM), i.e. not seeing immediately a folder that you had just created; or the File Manager will simply not work on several “networked environments”, cPanel DID NOT removed the former FM, it was just renamed to “Legacy File Manager.” This is certainly once area in which Legacy File Manager has the advantage over the cPanel version. This is another example of a simple improvement in software functionality. Users of leisure software like cheeky bingo to applications which improve your computer’s functionality can look forward to regular updates. This update gives the GUI version a distinctive advantage over the cPanel version.

So, if you will ask me which one do I use, I stick with the Legacy File Manager for the time being.

How to Add Dates in Webpages?

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This JavaScript code will add the current date (based on the user’s system date/time) to any webpage:

  var mydate=new Date()
  var year=mydate.getYear()
  if (year < 1000)
    var day=mydate.getDay()
    var month=mydate.getMonth()
    var daym=mydate.getDate()
  if (daym<10)
    var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday",
    var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April",
  document.write("<small><font color='000000' face='Arial'><b>"
                +dayarray[day]+", "+montharray[month]+" "+daym+", 

Simply insert eh above code inside the <body> of your webpages.