Linux Versus Windows Server Webhosting

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If choosing the right webhost already gives you headache, what more if you will have to choose between a Linux and Windows-based hosting server?

Let us enumerate the PROs and CONs between the two Operating Systems:

Linux Servers:

  • Since Linux is FREE, webhosting servers running on this OS flavor will cost lesser than a Windows-based one;
  • Linux has a rock solid core — you will never see the BSOD on a machine running this OS. “Server Stability” is the keyword here;
  • There are tons of free apps that you may install in a Linux server.


Windows Server:

  • Since the Windows operating system is created by software giant Microsoft — it ain’t FREE;
  • If a particular app that you wish to run in your website is designed for a Windows-based machine, then choose your webhost account to run this OS;
  • If you’re familiar with the Windows Desktop environment, there will be no learning curve at all to manage your website’s server running on this OS.


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