Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

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The popularity of WordPress, not just as a blogging platform but more of a Content Management System is steadily increasing among novice and seasoned website developers. WordPress, or simply WP is an open source software / application. One good thing about being an open source product is that once a vulnerability (security hole or issue) is found, a remedy will be ready in a day or two (most of the time, it is less than 24 hours). The challenge now is for the website owners to update their WP installations with the current one.

As of this writing, the official current version of WordPress is 2.7 (downloadable via We had already received a couple of emails requesting for technical assistance, as their WordPress-based websites (or blogs) were apparently “hacked”. Investigations revealed that the “hacking” incident is due to the fact the their WordPress site is not yet “patched” or not yet upgraded to the latest version.

A quick upgrade to the latest WP version will prevent “hackers” (though I personally would prefer to call them as “crackers”) from defacing your website, based on a existing security issue found on the older versions of the software or application.

We at is committed to provide the safest yet affordable website hosting service in the Philippines. Thus, you can be assured that our servers are patched as soon as updates are available. However, the updating of our client’s individual websites are not covered by our Service Level Agreements (SLA).

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