Using Smart Bro? Use OpenDNS

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Ever experienced going to a website and your browser will display: Page cannot be displayed?

The computer unit that we share for internet surfing at home uses Smart Broadband. It is not once that I have to call their Customer Service Hotline just to ask them to refresh their DNS Servers, because we are trying to access a website, which we firmly know that is online (because is the host) and does exist, but gets the “Page cannot be displayed” error over and over again. It only means one thing, the DNS Server of my ISP is broken.

Now, if you do not want to spend wasting your time calling your ISP just to request them to refresh their DNS servers (based on my experience, they will act on it after 48 hours), you may want to use OpenDNS instead? OpenDNS will let you use their DNS Servers, instead of the ones provided by your ISP. In this way, we can be assured that we are browsing the latest version of the website, and it also gives you a safeguard against phishers and scammers, as they try to block websites that fall to these categories when you surf to them. Acquires

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TurfSite Computing, Inc. recently acquired local Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider, adding a number of servers at our disposition. In the coming days, some of our current clients’ domains will be moved to a much faster cPanel server that has full support of Ruby on Rails. Please do watchout for this development.