cPanel File Manager vs. Legacy File Manager

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Prior to cPanel X (version 10), the File Manager works without any glitch. With the release of the new version, that is cPanel X, they added AJAX to enrich the interface of File Manager.

With some users complaining of several glitches in the “new” File Manager (FM), i.e. not seeing immediately a folder that you had just created; or the File Manager will simply not work on several “networked environments”, cPanel DID NOT removed the former FM, it was just renamed to “Legacy File Manager.” This is certainly once area in which Legacy File Manager has the advantage over the cPanel version. This is another example of a simple improvement in software functionality. Users of leisure software like cheeky bingo to applications which improve your computer’s functionality can look forward to regular updates. This update gives the GUI version a distinctive advantage over the cPanel version.

So, if you will ask me which one do I use, I stick with the Legacy File Manager for the time being.

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  1. Learn cPanel Videos Says:

    I am wondering if this has been resolved with ver. 11

  2. Knut Holt Says:

    I have used the file manager up to now, but very slowly, but suddenly it stoppet showing my files today, and stopped uploding new files. And I do not have an idea of the reason.

    Then I tried the legacy file manager again, and it works very fine.

    Even though the file manager worked correctly up to now, the slowness was of so great a problem that I do not see any adantage of the new file manager that make it worth using it.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hasn’t anybody ever heard of FTP! Why use a limited online file manager when you can get much more power and versatility from an FTP client!!

  4. Adam Says:

    I find the Legacy File Manager to be the best of the two, it’s very easy to use. A fantastic time-saving tool.

  5. ajax file manager Says:

    ajax file manager

    FileUltimate is an ASP.NET file manager control which you can add directly to your existing ASP.NET (.aspx) pages. The control renders a user interface similar to “Windows Explorer” within the page and this user interface allows you to view the contents of the predefined root folders and allow complete file management actions within those folders. File management actions can be limited by predefined permissions and quota limits on each folder separately.

  6. Web Hosting Says:

    I heard that legacy file manager is helpful in retrieving deleted files.. They store it in the trash folder..

  7. Kevlyn Says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for srihang.

  8. Anthony Says:

    I had always wondered what that was…

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